Friday, April 29, 2011

Vegan in Los Angeles

Recently we visited the United States for a quickie marriage in Las Vegas but found ourselves on the biggest vegan food adventure ever.
The absolute abundance and availability of vegan food in America is overwhelming! We took every opportunity we could to eat as much as we possible.
First stop was Los Angeles. We arrived in the morning, dumped our gear over at the hostel and adventured down Melrose for some quick eats and some light shopping which is where we found M Cafe. And who would be sitting beside us but The Veronicas! I also found out via twitter that Pete Wentz had been there the same day.
M cafe is a vegan/macro style cafe on Melrose which offered a great menu. I had the macro plate which consisted of brown rice, pickles and tofu. It was pretty nice and not expensive at all.
We walked down to The Grove and explored The Whole Foods Market there as well as the Farmers Market too. Got some lunch there then got the bus up to around Hollywood and Highland where we discovered a Trader Joe's. We spent the day on a hop on/hop off bus tour.

That night we ate at Swingers Diner. Burritos and Nachos. Eaten too quickly to take a photo. I think this is when I began my root beer addiction!

Our second day was spent at Universal Studios. We had packed our backpack full of goodies from Whole Foods but the security guy/bag checker didn't like that and made us throw away some of our food. Vegan options were few and far between but we spent most of the day on rides anyway.
Dinner was at Doomies Home Cookin' and holy jeebus, it was AMAZING! I had fried chicken and mashed potatoes and Andy had parmigiana. We also had a jalepeno popper entree which was too hot for my liking but Andy LOVED! Highly recommended for those DIY style Punk eatz. 

Days 3, 4 and 5 we spent at Disneyland! After trawling the internet for weeks beforehand I discovered a treasure trove of secret vegan eats. I don't have too many food photos from Disneyland because I was too busy soaking up the Disney atmosphere and chasing Disney characters.
The one thing i did get a pic of was this was an amazing portabello stack with cous cous. DELICIOUS! It came with a side salad which was also really tasty. I think it had raspberry vinaigrette. From the Blue Bayou (it overlooks the beginning of the pirates of the Caribbean ride)

So that's most of L.A, I'm sure I have forgotten something but next up is Las Vegas and the wedding.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where have you been?

Blogging and blogger slump.
Here's a photo dump for your enjoyment

All photos taken with instagram