Saturday, October 8, 2011

cake vegan for life

Since I am way too lazy to really blog, here are some photos from school and home.......
Celebration Cake for an assessment. I really wanted to pipe this cute design. It was originally a henna design but I changed up the colours and make it vibrant to contrast the white fondant.

Strawberry and custard flan with a clear glaze.

Farewell mud cake with a new ganache recipe I came up with. The cake was too dry for my liking but the ganache was awesome.  Cheated at the piping by putting a stencil of my writing under some baking paper and transferred it onto the cake. At this stage, I am way to scared to pipe directly onto a cake!

Vegan sausage rolls.Recipe by Leigh Drew and her upcoming cook book "Wrapped in Pastry" If you don't get the Twin Peaks reference, you should reassess your life.

Scones. Easiest recipe ever. Flour, Nuttelex, rice milk. DO NOT ADD SUGAR. Topped with some whipped coconut cream and black cherry jam. 

Practice wedding cake. This is going to be a 2 tiered, 5 layered mountain of deliciousness.