Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hello late twenties, goodbye youth.

Remember when birthdays used to be fun and exciting?
Waking up super early before school to tear open the piles of presents and coming home to an awesome birthday cake covered in rich chocolate icing.
If i was really lucky i was allowed to have the day off school but that was pretty rare.
Now birthdays blend in with the monotony of daily life. Do you think i could get a day off doing the washing up or making the bed with the excuse "it's my birthday, do i have to?"?
What age do birthdays become irrelevant and only celebrated in decades rather than years?
Seems the only perk is getting to gorge on 3 slices of birthday cake and get away with it.

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Tania said...

I was wondering if I was the only over-the-hill person coming over all huffy about ho-hum birthdays...