Tuesday, August 25, 2009

50's Fair at Rose Seidler House

Being a long time fan of all things vintage we took a trip to Rose Seidler house on Sunday for the annual 50's Fair. Of course we dressed up a little for the day. The uneven ground didn't stop me from wearing huge heels.
The 50's Fair is my favourite event of the year. In the past few years we have been going the day has always been a nice winters day. Sunny with no clouds and everyone is happy and dressed up in gorgeous dresses and perfect hair. I wore my cute new Cue dress which was kind of 40's inspired and some oxford style heels. We sat in between the trees and had a little picnic which was nice. The girls got their photos taken and looked so pretty and i had bugs crawling on me. gross!
I didn't buy anything except for a pair of sunnies because i stupidly left mine at home. Everything seemed to be outrageously expensive or too big for me. Got some compliments which is always nice even though the boys looked effortlessly handsome and i had to spend an hour in the bathroom.
So now the search starts for next years dress! Love Vintage.

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