Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I had a really nice weekend so much so that it should be blogged about.
Andy's favourite day is a warm winter day, blue skies and no clouds. So when saturday presented it's self a fine day we decided to finally leave the house.
We went into Leichhardt and checked out the Vintage Vanity Fair to find something nice to wear to the engagement party but alas, nothing in my size or liking and a bit overpriced too.
Got some lunch at IKU and it was so fucking good that i finished it in less than a minute.
Checked out Glebe Markets and saw Wes Carr walking down the street. Got a Campo's coffee and drove over to Alfalfa House co-op and got a few of our favourite things that are hard to find in the new hood.
I kinda miss my old neighbourhood. The places where you don't have to ask if everything is vegan, op-shops galore (even if they are overpriced - i still wanna browse), memories of friends and all the fun things we've done on the crazy streets. We gave it up to live in the burbs. It's quiet and the air is fresh which is a good trade off i guess.

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