Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegan Marshmallow Brownies

We got some Dandies vegan marshmallows from the cruelty free shop last week and, although tasty on their own, i was dying to bake them into a delicious gooey brownie.
After scouring the internet for a recipe i decided to go with the one on the Chicago Soydairy website.
Getting all my ingredients together, i found that i only had self raising flour so i didn't add any salt or baking soda to the recipe as these are already in the self raising flour.
This recipe calls for you to make some of the flour and water into a cooked gooey paste and to melt the butter and add cocoa til smooth. As the recipe says, this will make a thick batter. Too thick i'd say. I ended up adding almost half a cup of oil just to make it into a better consistency. I also added the marshmallows and choc chips into the batter rather than at the end.
Now, i'd say at this point in my life i could call myself a bit of a cake connoisseur but this brownie was a little too cakey for me. I like my brownies fudgy !! Maybe less time in the oven next time. Luckily the marshmallows are the saving grace for this chocolatey treat. They melted nicely and even burned the hell out of my hand when taking the tray out of the oven, just like a real marshmallow.

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BrisVegan said...

I just ordered dandies. I was planning to use them around a camfire, but you might have changed my mind.