Monday, February 22, 2010

Product Review #1 - Bean Curd Fish by Adriano Food

Shopping at our local Asian grocery yesterday we came across something new called Bean Curd Fish by Adriano Food.

A favourite recipe of ours is Ginger Fish, so we decided to try something other than our regular fake fish and at $5 a box, it was much cheaper than our usual.

The 2 pieces come wrapped in a freezer bag kind of wrapping and also a cling wrap type of film, which i peeled off, not knowing whether it was edible or not. After looking at the box I realised maybe it was supposed to be left on.
I cut the logs into bite size pieces and deep fried them as we usually do.

We then made the Ginger Fish like always and popped the pieces on top.


The fish didn't have the over-powering fishy taste, infact it had no taste at all. The inside was mushy and had no resemblance to meat whatsoever. Despite being wrapped in seaweed, it didn't taste like the ocean, just little balls of processed soy. I'm not sure if maybe our cooking technique was wrong or it's just a matter of personal taste but we will be sticking to our regular fake fish.
Lesson learned. If there is nothing wrong with the original recipe, don't change it just to be cheap.

UPDATE: Just checked out Lamyong and now their fish is no longer vegan.

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Renee B said...

I thought Lamyong was all vegan? !! Ack. What a shame. I used to buy a heap of their stuff. Glad I haven't for a while now!