Monday, October 19, 2009

cat face

This is my kitty cat Pupa.
Pupa means doll in Maltese but most people thinks it's because she poops a lot. She is 4 years old. Grey with peachy coloured highlights from sitting in the sun.
She likes pats under the chin and pretending to be non affectionate.
She also likes a sneaky afternoon nap on the end of my bed.
We found her as a baby kitty dumped outside a pet store in a shoe box. I think she was probably less than 6 weeks old because she was TINY!


Vaala said...

She is gorgeous! Our cat also has sneaky afternoon naps on my me a fright sometimes when I get home because I don't realise he's there until he moves!

Theresa said...

She's so lovely! My Nacho cat sounds similar with the pretending to be non-affectionate bit. She secretly loves a good cuddle, but only at night when we're in bed!

I'm Philippa O said...

aw so beautiful!

Mandee said...

V.cute! I'm glad you found her :)