Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kino Bake Fair

Yesterday was the Kino Bake Fair at Kinokuniya Books in Sydney to promote the release of their cook book catalogue.
Planet Cake popped in for a demo on cupcake decorating and the Bourke Street Bakery authors were doing signings of their new book.
A friend of mine works at Kinokuniya and asked if i would like a table at the bake fair and of course i said YES, YES, YES!
I spent the whole of the night before making lots of sweet treats and woke up early to make frosting and even had some extra time to make a few impromptu little cakes too.
We got there a bit early to set up and there were already other stalls ready to go and quite a few people looking around.

Oreo cuppies sold out the fastest, of course!

The Recipe for this is in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

And a few people were into my new invention - the vanilla slice cupcake

Brownies were also a hit and we only had one left at the end of the day. I got the recipe from The Joy Of Vegan Baking (i think).

Choc crackles and spiders were quick and easy to make and sold well.

This is a Vegan bad mood cake. Taken from the recipe by Natalie at Bake and Destroy. Originally a cupcake recipe, cake-ified. All i did was double the recipe and voila - the best damn cake you have ever tasted in your life. I'm glad a i had some of this left over to gorge myself on with a nice cup of tea.
My shirt is also from bake and destroy. You can get one from Natalie's   blog. Mine is almost worn out.

Baby Berry cakes were almost sold out by the end of the day and a few people asked me for the recipe.

Choc Chip and Rainbow cookies were popular but i made so many that i still had heaps left at the end of the day. Recipe from The Joy of Vegan baking.

I made some donut holes from a gluten free recipe i found on the web, but silly me used sprinkles that contained gluten. GF Fail for  me :(

I didn't sell all of my melting moments but the boy was happy to devour a few with a huge coffee. The recipe for these came from Vegan Indulgence. I have tried to make them a few times before without great success but this time they worked perfectly!

The cute sign Andy made for morons to roll their eyes at.

My friends Mechelle and Anney also had a store selling their amazing treats and cute hand made softies and vintage decorated plates. Their ice cream cupcakes were ridiculously cute.

We had a great day apart from the few eyeball rolls and i got a cute new apron with cherry pies on it.
Leftovers went to my vegan friends who were only too happy to take a few doggy bags home.


Mandee said...

Awesome work! No wonder most of your goodies sold out, everything looks fantastic!

And screw the eye-rollers, they don't know what they're missing!

kristy said...

wish I lived in sydney so I could have tried some of these, I want a vanilla slice cupcake, how did you make that???

Anney B said...

They roll their eyes because they have Mad Cow!

Susan said...

It all looks fantastic! I want some vegan bake sales in Brisbane!! I love the idea of a vanilla slice cupcake.

Theresa said...

Everything looks great! good on you for making so much variety!

Madeleine said...

Wow that is brilliant, you are an inspiration! This is the sort of thing that you never see in the UK :(

I'm Philippa O said...

wow! what an effort! you are a baking dream! so good to see something like this, you made some really gorgeous looking treats!