Saturday, October 31, 2009

something other than food

Getting my hair cut is my favourite non food treat. If i had to choose between splashing out on clothes or a good hair cut i would definitely take the latter.
I had seen an advertisement in the local paper about a hair salon that used products that were environmentally friendly, no animal testing or ingredients, plant based and australian made and owned. The were really close to my house and a good hairdresser is hard to find so i thought i would give them a try.
Sheridan, my hairdresser, was really nice. She showed me heaps of magazines so i could pick a hairstyle, talked to me for ages about the colour and even gave me a cup of tea.
Other places i have been to are just so pushy and get you in and out as fast as they can but this is the first time someone actually took the time to help me out. Once, a hairdresser got dye in my eye! Another time dye was all over my neck and ears and all over the place and it was a bright red dye too :/  I also hate being splashed in the face when they wash my hair. Yes i am a hairdresser's nightmare sometimes when i ask for a ridiculous haircut or colour but i am paying for a service here!!!!   I also hate when they try to give you the upsell on some shampoo and conditioner pack after they have just given the worst service ever.
Anyways, after 2 hours of being pampered at the hairdresser and the best service i have ever been given i walked out a new woman.......well, not really, but my hair was fun and bouncy.
I guess by now you might want some details on this salon. Well it's

Infinity Hair Design
Shop 7  19 Turner Rd
Berowra Heights 2081

They use De Lorenzo products and are super nice and give fantastic service. So next time you need a cut and colour, give them a try. They get my stamp of approval.


Theresa said...

That haircut looks great! And it's so good to find places that are vegan friendly, and just plain friendly. A winning combination!

Mandee said...

Looks great! I love finding places that use cruelty-free products and take the time to actually ask you what you want done. I love getting my hair cut/coloured :)

BrisVegan said...

Lovely haircut. I moved salons to get a De Lorenzo (lower cruelty) salon, but they have just changed owners and products. I guess I am looking for a good Brissie salon now. I hope I have as much luck as you.

rebecca said...

It looks awesome, and I so understand everything you said here-- and haircuts are one of my absoloute favourite things in the universe... but living in the Gong, it's hard to find a hairdresser who doesn't want to turn you into a bleach blond surfie gal, or a fully sick r&b style chicky-babe!

well done!