Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Kind Diet. Superhero Week One - catch up

Having a camera with flat batteries makes it hard to blog as well as i want to but here is what i have eaten this week so far.

Breakfast - Quinoa with brown rice syrup
Snack - Fruit platter (rockmelon/watermelon/kiwi/honeydew)
Lunch - Nori Burritos
Dinner - Teriyaki Noodles

Late Brunch - Quinoa with basil and pinenuts (leftovers)
Snack - half an apple/half a banana
Dinner - Alicia's magical healing soup
(Accidentally woke up really late this day, about 1pm. YIKES!)
Exercise - An evening walk around the neighbourhood for an hour

Breakfast - Quick oats with soy milk and brown rice syrup
Lunch -  2 Vine leaves
Dinner - Black eyed pea croquettes and salad with tahini dressing
Snack - homemade peanut butter cup
Exercise - An evening walk around the neighbourhood for an hour

Basically i try to begin the day with a whole grain, I should probably switch the soy milk to rice milk, but we have a few bonsoy cartons in the pantry that we should use up first. Eating leftovers is a good idea for a quick meal and i have lots of pre-soaked beans ready to whip up into something tasty.
In my regular self sabotage routine, I made a batch of peanut butter cups which stare me in the face every time i open the fridge, but i have been pretty good so far.
There have been a few weird side effects so far for both me and the boy. Definite coffee withdrawls. I had to give in to the craving a few times, it's too hard to do cold turkey! While we were shopping the boy had a bit of a dizzy spell probably due to low blood sugar. I told him about Alicia's theory that chewing each mouthful of food 30 times helped with this. So we sat down and had something to eat. The weird changes in weather aren't helping much either. Feeling a bit sluggish but i'm sure it's just detox from not eating such processed foods.
So far, so good. Hopefully my body will start adapting to the wholegrains and beans and OCCASIONAL treat. I'm so used to having a tea and biscuit before bed every night for the past 5 years that it has become a routine. Time to break it and start better ones, i say!

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