Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kind Diet. Superhero Week One - Ende

Breakfast -  
Quick Oats w/ rice syrup

Lunch -  leftover tabbouleh
Dinner -  Azuki and Kabocha Casserole
Snack - gingered green beans
Exercise - none (naughty!)

Breakfast -  Kamut Cereal
Lunch -  Ginger Pasta w/ zucchini
Dinner -  Polenta Casserole (I used tempeh instead of seitan)
Snack - apple. sampled a turkish apple tea from t2
Exercise - none, too rainy

Breakfast -  Kamut Cereal
Lunch -  brown rice and miso
Dinner -  leftover ginger pasta
Snack - oreo and a hot chocolate
Exercise - damn rain! no exercise today

Breakfast -  Toast w/ vege melange

Lunch -  fruit salad
Dinner -  mini pizzas
Snack - seaweed snacks
Exercise - 

Ok, so a quick review of the week! No sugar, lots of wholegrains........ouch. I get a weird headache when i eat something with a lot of sugar in it . Dealing with the cravings at the start of the week was hard but it got easier, it's just the habit of tea and biscuit before bed that's killing me now.
Honestly, the diet is pretty bland most of the time. Yeah, i know that is a big thing to say BUT apparently this diet is all about reducing salt and making things simpler, even though soy sauce is in almost EVERYTHING!
Best thing i have made this week was definitely the black eyed pea croquettes with dipping sauce.
My goal for the next week is more exercise and keeping my sweet tooth at bay.

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