Saturday, January 2, 2010

diets and me just don't mix

I always start off with the best of intentions but my short attention span can't stand doing the same thing for too long. As healthy as the kind diet sounds, being a super hero is hard work. Soaking beans, having rice ready-made and always having fresh veggies on hand is a lot of work, especially of you don't have the time. I usually plan the weeks meal ahead so that we can shop for the week but sometimes things can't be planned. Holiday eating, going out, accidentally waking up after lunch time. Ooooops.
Anyway, I stuck to the diet for 2-3 weeks but i couldn't take it any longer! Too much rice, too much soy sauce, only  piece of fruit per day and not enough flavour or selection for my liking. I think i'll just stick to being vegan.
The next thing i want to do is start cutting down on soy and after the whole bonsoy debacle i think i might just stick to rice milk permanently from now on.
Any hints or tips on how to keep soy to a minimum?


Mandee said...

One piece of fruit a day!? I still haven't read the super hero section but if I don't get to eat fruit then it's not for me.

99% of the time I avoid soy sauce &soy milk and no longer cook tofu or tempeh. I love rice milk and it works just as well in baking and cooking as soy. I make an exception when I go out for vegan food.

For Esme said...

I kind of got a bit agitated when she said yummy and delicious in every sentence, usually after describing some bland rice recipe. I'm not big on over flavouring meals BUT putting basil leaves in rice or some grain does not make it DELICIOUS.
Also the fruit thing - telling people to eat less fruit is ridiculous. It should be about a balanced diet.
I also didn't like how she emphasised about using less flavouring/salt etc but EVERY recipe i tried was like, "add shoyu......add salt" and sometimes both in the same recipe. UGHHHHH
We haven't bought soy milk since that diet, only rice milk and the occasional soy latte.
Lastly, i didn't lose any weight, not that i tried or really wanted to. (The forum seems targeted to people who want to lose weight )

Renee B said...

Don't think I'd like the Kind Diet. I'd implode without loads of fruit. Good grief. I'm a bit anti-grain & pro-greens. Fruity Hulk SMASH!

I make raw nut milk in the blender, I switched to long blacks & herbal milk-free tea mostly as well. Save tofu for curry attacks & have tempeh burgers sometimes, & soy meat at wacky restaurants for fun. Having a raw food focus keeps the soy intake & grains low, & the greens & fruits & nuts high. Time consuming in some respects, but I enjoy farmer's markets and the violence of blending & juicing. ;)