Sunday, September 27, 2009

australian NZ VEGAN Mofo - #15 chickpea cutlets

My most favourite recipe from veganomicon is the chickpea cutlets. When there's nothing in the fridge and everything is running low, these guys are always there to save the day. They are easy to make, quick to cook and taste amazing. Veganomicon, you've done it again.
When we make the chickpea cutlets they are always accompanied by lemony roast potatoes and in our kitchen Andy is king of these guys. He never fails to make these anything but awesome. The cutlets are my domain and i have tried a few different ways of making them. I tend to add more sage and instead of mushing the chickpeas with a fork i just chuck them in the blender and pulse til they are smooth. I make the cutlets palm sized and i flatten them quite a bit because i like mine crunchy around the edges. Sometimes i make them a bit fatter and shallow fry them for the same effect.
I never manage to eat my plate full but having this as leftovers always rules.


Vaala said...

That's a recipe I haven't made in ages. My ex used to love them but I wasn't a big fan at the time. Would like to give them another go though.

lisa said...

My favourite Veganomicon recipe too! I bake them usually, I like the texture more. :)

Susan said...

One of my favourites! I like making a big batch and using the leftovers in sammiches. Really good- especially with some of the mustard sauce!