Thursday, September 17, 2009

Australian NZ VEGAN Mofo - the food diaries

Last week i suggested a few things that we all try to do instead of taking pictures of our dinner.
So yesterday i kept a food log and here is what i ate;

glass of water
2 slices vegemite toast
1 strawberry
1 banana
early grey tea
handful of macadamias
glass of water
2 pieces of crystalised ginger
a packet of vege chips
4 snakata rice crackers
earl grey tea
2 snobby joes
2 choc mint bikkies
sleepytime tea

Yes, i am the constantly snacking type. Usually i drink way more tea too. Definitely need to add more exercise though. Anyway, that was fun. What do you eat on a daily basis?


Theresa said...

That looks like a fairly delicious day. Good idea, I'll keep a daily food log soon!

Mandee said...

Looks like a good day of eats to me.

I used to keep a food diary every day. Typically I eat a banana or two for breakfast, plus a cup of tea or teecino with rice milk. Mid-morning I have a green smoothie, lunch is a salad and dinner changes all the time.

Niki said...

Great idea keeping a food diary - I never take photos of what I cook but I could at least list what I eat.

I also eat constantly, I LOVE food!!