Tuesday, September 8, 2009

australian NZ VEGAN Mofo - shakin' it up

Here are some ideas i copy/pasted from the Vegan Mofo Flikr Group
I know we all love to take photos of our food and blog about it to inspire one another but let's all try to do something new from this list. I wont be doing the earth balance thing though!

* Your first vegan/vegetarian restaurant memory
* Something you used to cook but don’t anymore
* Try to cook/bake something that intimidates you
* Write about your grandma’s holiday cooking
* your favorite dish to bring to a potluck
* your favorite meal to cook for people who are scared of vegan food
* your favorite meal to cook for your parents/in-laws
* use an grain you’ve never used before
* use a fruit or vegetable you’ve never used before
* veganize a recipe from your childhood
* cook dinner for a friend as a surprise and drop it off right after work
* cook an all-local ingredients meal
* Write about your favorite songs to cook to
* Keep a photo food journal for the entire day
* Veganize a recipe
* Tell the story of the first time you tried tofu
* Take a cookbook that you don’t use very often and make one new recipe out of it every day for a week
* Post pictures of yourself wearing nothing but Earth Balance and a smile

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lisa said...

I reckon we should all do the Earth Balance thing!