Tuesday, September 15, 2009

australian NZ VEGAN Mofo #9 - an old fashioned baked dinner

It starts to wear thin with me when people continually ask what i eat. I answer with, "the same things as you, only healthier and cruelty free" Being vegan hasn't made me skinny like most people use the vegan diet for. Infact, being vegan has given me the biggest sweet tooth ever and i think i eat more sugary treats than i used to but i always try to balance it with lots and lots of fruit and veggies. Vegan is a lifestyle, not a diet!
Now, the sunday roast was a family favourite in our house as kids and of course it's easy to veganize.
When i make a roast i always try to make as many veggies as possible and eat less of the "meat"(I use the sanitarium veggie roast) What's a roast without baked potato? I try to make 1 potato per person then add some sweet potato aswell because it's lower GI. There is always an eggplant thats about to expire so i grilled some of that and lastly i steamed some brussel sprouts. Voila - vegan baked dinner


Susan said...

Mmm... looks good! I was nicely surprised at the taste of the Sanitarium roast. I love the addition of grilled eggplants!

Theresa said...

Yummy! Andy and I are roast dinner fiends over the winter... like a few times a week. Though I've still yet to try the sanitarium roast, which I really need to do!

For Esme said...

i got a bit confused when you said andy and i because my partners name is andy too! teehhee silly me.
try the roast but dont undercook it, it needs to be firm so you can cut it up nicely

Mandee said...

I've never tried the Sanitarium roast but I love roasted veggies, they make a delicious meal.