Monday, September 14, 2009

australian NZ VEGAN Mofo #8 the lost chapters

Over the weekend we babysat my nephew and cousin. I didn't get a chance to take many photos of food because it was demolished within seconds of touching the plate. They are omni's at home with their parents but part-time vegans when they come to stay with us. They can't really tell the difference that they are eating vegan and eat the same things we do.
Friday night we had spaghetti, They usually have mince in theirs but i made it with the sanitarium stuff and they couldn't even tell! They also thought the parma-almond was real parmasen cheese.
Saturday we went for a drive to amazement, which has a few mazes, animals and other fun things. They rode on the electric cars, fed some baby lambs and played puzzle games. We had some lunch and headed to the beach at The Entrance.
The kids loved splashing around the beach, finding shells and watching the pelicans get fed. We had some chips on the grass and then headed home.
For dinner we made mini pizzas. Kids had cheese pizza and we made cheeseburger pizzas from one of the Sarah Kramer cook books. We also made an artichoke/tomato/mushroom pizza which i didn't get to taste because someone dropped mine on the floor :(
So i'm pretty sure i have had my yearly dose of vitamin D. I had heaps of sunscreen so i didn't get burnt thankfully. Babysitting is tiring and i'm kinda glad i get to give them back at the end of the weekend.


I'm Philippa O said...

floor pizza - that's so sad! glad to hear you had a good weekend though

and no, i really don't think now vegan came anywhere near an editor! it drives me nuts when recipes in a published book don't make sense!

Susan said...

It's great that the kids are so acepting of vegan food and their parents are happy for them to eat vegan with you. It sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend. :)

Amy said...

There's a cheezeburger pizza recipe I don't know about! OMG - will have to try.

Looks like you had fun! I'm enjoying the warm weather - no more being frozen in law lectures :)

Vaala said...

Sounds like great food (cheeseburger pizzas?! Wow!) and it's cool that they eat and enjoy vegan food. Bummer about the pizza landing on the floor though.